08.02.2024 662

On the occasion of the 583rd anniversary of the birth of Alisher Navoi, the "Ghazal Khanlik" event was organized

The priceless creative and scientific heritage of the great poet and thinker, famous state and public figure Alisher Navoi occupies a special place not only in the history of our nation but also in the history of world literature, in the development of our national culture and literary aesthetic thinking.

The great poet, in his poetic and prose works, showed high universal ideas, incomparable vocabulary and limitless possibilities of expression of our language with all the charm and elegance, and occupied a worthy and solid place in the hearts of millions of readers on earth.

The participants of the event expressed their opinions about the life of the great thinker, the essence of the concept of a perfect human being manifested in his works. Then the poet's ghazals and rubai were read by young people and writers who were familiar with art and literature.