Faculty of International Relations and Social and Political Sciences

Faculty of International Relations and Social and Political Sciences.

Total number of students: 531.



Dean of the Faculty of International Relations and Social and Political Sciences - Otabek Yuldashev (PhD)

Deputy Dean - Akbar Elmurodov

Deputy Dean for Education and Youth Affairs - Gulhayo Elmuradova

Designers: Oktam Berdaliev, Gavkhar Botirova

Manager: Dinara Shermetova



Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities: prof. Mukimzhon Kyrgyzbaev

Public Relations Department: Shohruh Kasimov.‌‌

Specialty "Political Science'': 196 students are studying in this specialty. The course is designed to teach students to study and track modern socio-political problems and political processes in the field of political science, evaluate and critically analyze trends in their development, better understand the relationship between political science and politics, the peculiarities of state policy and their upbringing of students to ensure correct interpretation, systematic study of political processes, comparative analysis by their comparison, formulation of proposals on their prospective position, development of practical skills and competencies. The following subjects are taught in the "Political Science" field: "Geopolitics", "Internal and External Policy of Uzbekistan", "Political Technologies'', "Political Anthropology", "History of Statehood of Uzbekistan", "National Ideas of the Past".


Teachers: Mukimjon Kyrgyzbayev, Khikmatov Fathulla, Ganiev Akbar, Khaitov Ulugbek. The scientific potential of the department is 70%.

Specialty "Information Service and Public Relations": 276 students are studying in this branch. Our students are practically and theoretically trained in the secrets of commenting and skillful work, the art of getting out of difficult situations, and live broadcasting. The following subjects are taught in the "Information Service and Public Relations" branch: "Coverage of unusual sports in the media", "Coverage of winter sports in the media", "Uzbek sports on the international arena", "Coverage of water sports competitions in the media", "Information services in sports, sports websites on the Internet", "News and reporting skills in sports journalism", "Genres in sports journalism".


Professors: Rikhsitlla Umarov, Davron Fayziev, Nargiza Mukhamedova, Iroda Murodjonova, Layla Turaeva, Norbek Niyazov, Hasan Olimov. The scientific potential of the department is 12%.


Specialty "International Relations". Currently, 28 students are studying in it, and it belongs to the branch of humanities education and is aimed at developing the area of international relations, foreign policy, professional skills, authority, and a complex of methods and techniques of human activity. The theory and history of international relations are key elements of the specialty, related to the fundamentals of diplomacy, international relations of Uzbekistan and other countries, as well as history, religion, language, and economy. Education includes theoretical and practical activities related to knowledge of the legal system, literature, and culture. Students in this specialty are trained under the guidance of professors and qualified teachers who teach such subjects as "History of International Relations," "Political Leadership Institute," "Fundamentals of Political Science," "Modern History of Uzbekistan," "Regional Studies," and others.


Professors: Kudratkhodja Sherzodkhon, Kyrgyzboev Mukimjon, Khikmatov Fathulla, Alimov Okiliddina, Khaitov Ulugbek. The scientific potential of the department is 70%, which is a good indicator for students who want to receive a high-quality education in the field of international relations.

Specialty "Psychology": 28 students are studying in this specialty. The specialty of psychology was created in 2023, and since then the training of psychologists with a wide profile has become one of the main goals of the university. Currently, there is only one full-time course "Applied Psychology" in the bachelor's program, which in perspective provides professional training for psychologists as teacher-psychologists in all profiles of educational institutions (vocational schools, academic lyceums, general education schools) in addition to demonstrating themselves as ideologically mature personality, public figure, propagandist of humanitarian sciences, as well as improving the national economy, increasing production efficiency, creating a warm interpersonal environment, shaping a well-rounded personality, and providing psychological and behavioral solutions to deviations. In the future, students will be able to independently conduct training, use their knowledge about conflict situations.

Specialty "Sociology": 22 students are studying in this specialty. Sociology students study the life of society, its social structure, as well as the activities of its constituent parts, various social phenomena, processes, and laws of social behavior of people as a complex social system, relying on their empirical methods, they gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This field includes work with the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and network research institutes, public opinion research centers, mass media, government bodies, law enforcement agencies, political parties, marketing, and consulting services. Sociology covers a complex of issues related to the direction of public and non-governmental supply institutions, local government bodies, and education.