Political science

Specialty "Political Science'': 196 students are studying in this specialty. The course is designed to teach students to study and track modern socio-political problems and political processes in the field of political science, evaluate and critically analyze trends in their development, better understand the relationship between political science and politics, the peculiarities of state policy and their upbringing of students to ensure correct interpretation, systematic study of political processes, comparative analysis by their comparison, formulation of proposals on their prospective position, development of practical skills and competencies. The following subjects are taught in the "Political Science" field: "Geopolitics", "Internal and External Policy of Uzbekistan", "Political Technologies'', "Political Anthropology", "History of Statehood of Uzbekistan", "National Ideas of the Past".


Teachers: Mukimjon Kyrgyzbayev, Khikmatov Fathulla, Ganiev Akbar, Khaitov Ulugbek. The scientific potential of the department is 70%.