Media management

17 students study in the branch of media management. Among the disciplines studied there are such subjects as: "Introduction to Management'', "Methods of Management Research", "Executive Management", "Fundamentals of Media Business and Management", "Fundamentals of Marketing", "Microeconomics", "Economic Theory", "Macroeconomics", "Digital Economy", "Foreign Language", "Money and Credit", "Digital Platforms", "Information Technologies", "Media Marketing Strategies and Technologies", "Marketing and Society", "PR in Marketing Communications", "Organization of Information and service activity”, “Tax and customs work”, “Advertising on television and radio”, “Theory and practice of media marketing”, “Marketing in social networks”. They are taught by experienced professors such as: Sherzodkhon Kudratkhoja, Dilshod Mamasoatov, Sadokat Makhsumova, Latofat Tashmukhamedova.‌‌