Press service and public relations

Specialty "Information Service and Public Relations": 276 students are studying in this branch. Our students are practically and theoretically trained in the secrets of commenting and skillful work, the art of getting out of difficult situations, and live broadcasting. The following subjects are taught in the "Information Service and Public Relations" branch: "Coverage of unusual sports in the media", "Coverage of winter sports in the media", "Uzbek sports on the international arena", "Coverage of water sports competitions in the media", "Information services in sports, sports websites on the Internet", "News and reporting skills in sports journalism", "Genres in sports journalism".


Professors: Rikhsitlla Umarov, Davron Fayziev, Nargiza Mukhamedova, Iroda Murodjonova, Layla Turaeva, Norbek Niyazov, Hasan Olimov. The scientific potential of the department is 12%.